Change Management – New Ways!

In December 2010 I was reading the column from Thomas Sattelberger in the magazine “Wirtschaftswoche” titled “Schutzräume für Querdenker”. Abstract available at: WIWO. He is Head of Human Resources at Deutsche Telekom and one of the proponents of the women’s quota.  In his article he talks about the ‘unconventional thinker’ and why a MNC is … Continue reading

Monocultural Management For A Multicultural Workforce?

Noticing my iPod battery was low again and therefore being caught in the daily crossfire of opinion leaders in the Berlin underground made me think of the actual immigration debate we are facing (just to mention Mr Sarrazins latest publication, see also posts by Saiid and Thomas) and the correlation to our blog topic. So … Continue reading

“This is how we do it!” – a tribute to oustanding student

Last week we have had a great mind mapping exercise with some really good follow-up posts by Bruce Spear, Thomas and Maria. This technique helped us not only to structure and evaluate our work. It also helped us to refine our targets. During this semester we have heard many things about Strategic Management – in … Continue reading

Female Immigrants taking Mr. Sarrazin’s Spot!

I am very grateful to Saiid that he brought up the discussion about our ‘immigration problem’ in Germany, see his post. Being fully aware that this is somewhat out of our topic I find it nonetheless worth considering in more detail. It fits in our blog because it also raises the question about equal opportunities … Continue reading

Women determine their own fate!

First of all, thanks to everyone for the very wide spread and somewhat ‘heated’ discussion we have in our blog now. However, refering to the interview of Mrs. Schröder I would like to pick up on one of her statements: “Many Women like to study German phiology and human science, man on the other hand … Continue reading

Don’t forget the boys…

Over the last week I read many great posts and comment why women are discriminated in the business world and why we need more female leaders in our society. You can read about the introduction of women quota in supervisory board , the positive influence of female leadership qualities in management or about why most … Continue reading

More Courage on implementing a Women’s Quota (please)!

The discussion on this blog so far has been around the implementation of a women’s quota, the need for change in the top management levels and also about career obstacles and hindrances that women face in today’s world. This post focuses on the positive potential a change in leading positions could bring. As an Introduction I … Continue reading

Thinking 1943?

Examples of an article in the July 1943 issue of Transportation Magazine addressing male supervisors of women going into the workforce during WWII: “Eleven tips on getting more efficiency out of women employees 1. Pick young married women. They usually have more of a sense of responsibility than their unmarried sisters, they’re less likely to … Continue reading

Women in the supervisory boards

This March the discussion of women in leading positions reached a new high as the German Telekom announced the implementation of a women’s quota as the first one of the 30 German DAX companies. Thanks to these news, and the excitement and discussion initiated by it, diversity management is of great interest again in Germany, … Continue reading