The Amazons

Have you ever heard about the Amazons in Greek mythology? The beautiful, man-eating warriors from the northern steppe empire who flame-cut their right breast in order to improve shooting with bow and arrow? The ones who ride like Satan, only raise girls, kill their sons and use men for the sole purpose of reproduction? Or … Continue reading

Female leadership and company profitability

“Firms led by women are 10–20 per cent more profitable than businesses led by men”, the authors of the EVA Analysis Female Leadership and Firm Profitability claim. How is that possible? On the one hand, female leaders might be a more exclusive and thus on average better group as it takes more for them to … Continue reading

Don’t forget the boys…

Over the last week I read many great posts and comment why women are discriminated in the business world and why we need more female leaders in our society. You can read about the introduction of women quota in supervisory board , the positive influence of female leadership qualities in management or about why most … Continue reading