A little short story

Introduction Once upon a time it all started with a lightening moment in room 129 in Berlin – a group of three women and three guys came together in order to write about diversity management. In the beginning there was a strong focus on female issue with posts about female Leadership, women quota for supervisory … Continue reading

Facebook…where are the news?

Social networks are one of the hottest topics in today’s media and business research. Just yesterday, you could read in the newspaper that Facebook is now worth round about $50bn and that firms such as Goldman Sachs start obtaining shares (http://tinyurl.com/facebook-50bn). When you than check the top 10 business books in marketing on Amazon you … Continue reading

Feel free to say the F…-word!

A couple of days ago I was sitting in my kitchen talking about the recent feminism debate between “Germany’s Top Feminist” Alice Schwarzer and Kristina Schröder of the Ministry for Family, seniors, women and youth (BMFSFJ). The most interesting thing was dropped by a friend of my flatmate. In the end of our discussion she … Continue reading

Thank You For The Music…or not?!

With what do we want our kids to associate “our music”? This morning I was sitting in my kitchen thinking about what to write in my blog post today. While eating and staring out of the window I was listening to the radio. They just played this great song “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette … Continue reading

Less risk with women

Microfinance for women is not just more profitably for banks. It even improves women’s stand in society – not just financially, even physically. Once I did a presentation on the positive affect of privileging women in the granting of credits. Today I read an even more interesting blog of Jina Moore. She is saying that … Continue reading