The next CEO

Old Shoes, new laces Let’s pick up a topic again that was posted here before under a different point of view by diiasg: How to pick the new guy. The question is „Who’s going to be the new boss?“ and that is a very delicate one. Especially since CEO’s make strategic choices and therefore are … Continue reading

Did the crisis change something…

…about management and leadership styles? Or do we just continue what we’ve done before? These questions came to my mind while wondering what to write my post about. Then I found this interesting  article about “new” principles in management. There the author, Ms. Obmann,  points out that values such as sustainability, public spirit and fairness … Continue reading

New Leaders Old Tricks

As a part of the Imagining the Future of Leadership symposium at the Harvard Business School, some experts were asked and their thoughts gathered on what they thought “was necessary today to develop the leaders we need for tomorrow” The Ten Experts in this video are listed in order of appearance, and below each of … Continue reading


  “Women in leadership positions are more likely to suffer from exhaustion, physical impairment and high stress-levels.” These are the findings of the Shape Study, initiated by Walter Kromm which measures the correlation between leadership / outstanding performance and health or social quality of life. There is, evidently, a close connection between the high pressure … Continue reading

How To Pick The “New-Guy”

This article sheds light on an issue that is extremely critical to both the short-term and the long-term successes and failures of a company, as well as its strategy: Namely, the appointment of a successor to the CEO.  As the article states, “With so much hanging on successful leadership, you might expect boards to be … Continue reading

Women and Strategic Risk

Michael E. Raynor says: Strategies with good prospects for success also contain the biggest risk for failure. This Strategy Paradox highlights the huge possibility of a company’s decision being wrong, resulting in a product failure such as Sony’s Betamax. But a strategy does always come with a decision that in retrospect can either be right … Continue reading

Diversity management and stakeholder value?

In University I have heard quite a lot about different objectives of corporate strategy and diversity management, but not in the same context. But why not, both are essentials in todays business world. The origanal theory was once  introduced by Alfred Rappaport. According to De Wit & Meier the shareholder value approach aims to maximize … Continue reading

Entrepreneurship – Women take over

SME’s are the backbone of German economy. 99.7% of all companies in Germany are SME’s and an astonishing 95% of all companies are family-run which account to almost half the GDP. Surprisingly, in this area women are not that far behind as almost one third of SME’s are led by women. And this number is … Continue reading

Obstacle Course vs Labyrinth

Have you ever looked at something for an extended period of time and always just seen the same thing. Then someone comes along and says, “Hey thats a pretty young girl.” You then suddenly see the other side, another perspective, or in this case person. Well this blog had been driving my thoughts in one … Continue reading

Female leadership and company profitability

“Firms led by women are 10–20 per cent more profitable than businesses led by men”, the authors of the EVA Analysis Female Leadership and Firm Profitability claim. How is that possible? On the one hand, female leaders might be a more exclusive and thus on average better group as it takes more for them to … Continue reading