A little short story

Introduction Once upon a time it all started with a lightening moment in room 129 in Berlin – a group of three women and three guys came together in order to write about diversity management. In the beginning there was a strong focus on female issue with posts about female Leadership, women quota for supervisory … Continue reading

The End!

Last Week Katrin and I wrote a guide through our blog topic Diversity Management.  Thereby, we discovered how wide-spread our writing has been. We experienced the value of teamwork and how a coordinated action makes it possible to comprehensively address such a complex topic. There is nothing much I can add to this written guide … Continue reading

This is how it all comes back together

Our blog deals with Diversity Management which is defined by Cox (1993) “as creating a climate in which the potential advantages of diversity for organizational or group performance are maximized while the potential disadvantages are minimized”. Diversity itself is defined by him as “a mix of people of different socially relevant group identities working or … Continue reading

What You Can Do For Us

The lack of young professionals that Thomas describes in his recent post is currently a widely discussed topic. When looking for solutions the answer seems to be the simplification of highly qualified worker’s immigration. Other possibly helpful acts discussed by the federal government right now are the acceptance of degrees made abroad or using the … Continue reading

Germany and its ‘Lack of Young Professionals’ – Status quo

Katrin picked up the topic of demographic change. In her article she argues that older employees can be of high value for companies. She also highlights the issue of a lack of young professionals. I want to focus on the discussion about shortage of young professionals in Germany. The goal is to bring some insight … Continue reading

Why should employers think about hiring or keeping older employees?

Well, first of all, as already mentioned in one of my earlier posts, demographic change forces them to. It is omnipresent in Germany as well as other industrialized countries and will create a lack of young qualified employees soon. But employers should also consider older employees because they have their advantages. “Experience is one of the … Continue reading

Did the crisis change something…

…about management and leadership styles? Or do we just continue what we’ve done before? These questions came to my mind while wondering what to write my post about. Then I found this interesting  article about “new” principles in management. There the author, Ms. Obmann,  points out that values such as sustainability, public spirit and fairness … Continue reading

Another dimension: Age

So far, many posts in this blog were about women in leading positions, career obstacles and work-life balance. All of these topics belong to the gender aspect of diversity. Today I want to introduce another dimension: age. The demographic change and therefore aging society in Germany will be a strategic challenge for managers. They will … Continue reading

What are the causes?

Today I was thinking about the causes of the lack of women in leading positions. I mean, the reasons have been asked for in surveys and are therefore widely known. But what are the underlying causes for those reasons? Reasons include e.g. the socially coined gender role models and the compatibility of family and profession, … Continue reading

East German women demonstrate how…feel free to follow

Today I found this interesting study called “Neue Frauen machen Neue Länder”, by the BMFSFJ (ministry for family, seniors, juveniles and women), about women’s careers and the arrangement of family and profession, comparing women  from the eastern and western part of Germany. In the study it is stated that young women from the eastern part … Continue reading