The End!

Last Week Katrin and I wrote a guide through our blog topic Diversity Management.  Thereby, we discovered how wide-spread our writing has been. We experienced the value of teamwork and how a coordinated action makes it possible to comprehensively address such a complex topic. There is nothing much I can add to this written guide … Continue reading

“This is how we do it!” – a tribute to oustanding student

Last week we have had a great mind mapping exercise with some really good follow-up posts by Bruce Spear, Thomas and Maria. This technique helped us not only to structure and evaluate our work. It also helped us to refine our targets. During this semester we have heard many things about Strategic Management – in … Continue reading

The sum is greater than the parts – Mind Mapping

Last week we were invited to use the mind mapping technique. Therefore, I would like to bring some insight on the use of mind mapping. First of all, I will give a brief overview over the technique. Second, I will illustrate how we applied this technique and the beneficial overview (over our project) we gained … Continue reading

Don’t forget the boys…

Over the last week I read many great posts and comment why women are discriminated in the business world and why we need more female leaders in our society. You can read about the introduction of women quota in supervisory board , the positive influence of female leadership qualities in management or about why most … Continue reading