Does diversity matter??

Yesterday, I started to think about my new post and I didn’t really have a clue what to write. After a while I ended up searching online for interesting topics which we haven’t really picked up in our blog. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that well….it even didn’t help me to have a look what … Continue reading

Women and Strategic Risk

Michael E. Raynor says: Strategies with good prospects for success also contain the biggest risk for failure. This Strategy Paradox highlights the huge possibility of a company’s decision being wrong, resulting in a product failure such as Sony’s Betamax. But a strategy does always come with a decision that in retrospect can either be right … Continue reading

Diversity management and stakeholder value?

In University I have heard quite a lot about different objectives of corporate strategy and diversity management, but not in the same context. But why not, both are essentials in todays business world. The origanal theory was once  introduced by Alfred Rappaport. According to De Wit & Meier the shareholder value approach aims to maximize … Continue reading

Less risk with women

Microfinance for women is not just more profitably for banks. It even improves women’s stand in society – not just financially, even physically. Once I did a presentation on the positive affect of privileging women in the granting of credits. Today I read an even more interesting blog of Jina Moore. She is saying that … Continue reading