Goodbye World

There is not much left to add to the great summaries of my colleagues Mary, Katrin, Thomas and Martin. We have been a great team (look at that fabulous ABOUT page, Saiid created!!!), learned a lot, complemented one another and had a good time (I will especially remember the fantastic Christmas meeting!). However, its time … Continue reading

Starting with WOMEN – Ending with SKILLED WORKFORCE

We all came together to write a blog about Diversity Management. The first thing that came to our mind was Women. Excited, I took my first steps in browsing through Mr Müllers book. There it was! Management vs. Leadership. I poured myself a glass of red wine and researched the web about how this could … Continue reading

A Thousand Ways To Say Hello…One Way To Say Goodbye

We’ve come a long way. At least that’s the way it seems. In reality we may not have come very far at all. Perception is such a funny thing. Where are you standing when you see it all happen? I’d like to take these last moments to recognize the great work my partners in crime … Continue reading

PayPal, Youtube, Facebook & Meebo All Together

In the previous post I mentioned that I had run across a great Youtube Channel run by the Stanford Business School. There are a ton of videos on their site and with many of them breaking the one-hour threshold i was unable to watch all of them much less all of ONE. There is however … Continue reading

It is no longer a big secret that the most recent generations, mine included, have taken part in the development of the quite possibly the single greatest invention in the last 100 years: the Internet. Now, by development of the internet I simply mean that todays generations that are most involved with the internet play … Continue reading

Just a nice little something…

…not too bad over here 😉

Why The New Look, Starbucks?

I was shocked to find out that Starbucks celebrated its 40th birthday this week. I would have guessed them to be 20-25 years old. I read this on the Huffington Post website where they where Starbucks was revealing their new logo. I may not have known that Starbucks is 40, but I do recall the … Continue reading

Facebook…where are the news?

Social networks are one of the hottest topics in today’s media and business research. Just yesterday, you could read in the newspaper that Facebook is now worth round about $50bn and that firms such as Goldman Sachs start obtaining shares ( When you than check the top 10 business books in marketing on Amazon you … Continue reading

New title? New interesting views!

As my group member Thomas already said: Revising our work, we created a mindmap of all posts published so far, which I tought would be nice to publish here. We decided to go further into the direction of Strategic Management, so we thought it would be best to move from ‘WOMEN’ to all kinds of … Continue reading

Sarrazin=Double Negative?

With his book “Germany Does Away With Itself” , Thilo Sarrazin ruffled more than a few feathers this year. He argues that, Germany would be better off with stricter immigration policies (except for the highly trained) and reduced state welfare benefits. He states, that Turkish and Arab are less willing or in some extreme cases … Continue reading