It is no longer a big secret that the most recent generations, mine included, have taken part in the development of the quite possibly the single greatest invention in the last 100 years: the Internet. Now, by development of the internet I simply mean that todays generations that are most involved with the internet play … Continue reading

Facebook…where are the news?

Social networks are one of the hottest topics in today’s media and business research. Just yesterday, you could read in the newspaper that Facebook is now worth round about $50bn and that firms such as Goldman Sachs start obtaining shares ( When you than check the top 10 business books in marketing on Amazon you … Continue reading

No matter if you’re black or white?

…sang Michael Jackson in 1991. Great song, great video. While he keeps dancing with Thais, Indians, Native Americans and Russians, the message becomes unambiguous: “…it’s not about races, just places, faces… I’m not going to spend my life being a color.” However, when it comes to conducting business in a cross-cultural environment, it becomes evident … Continue reading

Entrepreneurship – Women take over

SME’s are the backbone of German economy. 99.7% of all companies in Germany are SME’s and an astonishing 95% of all companies are family-run which account to almost half the GDP. Surprisingly, in this area women are not that far behind as almost one third of SME’s are led by women. And this number is … Continue reading

Sarrazin=Double Negative?

With his book “Germany Does Away With Itself” , Thilo Sarrazin ruffled more than a few feathers this year. He argues that, Germany would be better off with stricter immigration policies (except for the highly trained) and reduced state welfare benefits. He states, that Turkish and Arab are less willing or in some extreme cases … Continue reading

Women and networking

This blog looked at different aspects of diversity management already, especially the advancement of women. Today I want to add another dimension: business networks. According to a song called “Männer” by Herbert Grönemeyer, men are lonely fighters. This is not quite true, because without insider relationships and networks men would have had a much harder … Continue reading