It is no longer a big secret that the most recent generations, mine included, have taken part in the development of the quite possibly the single greatest invention in the last 100 years: the Internet. Now, by development of the internet I simply mean that todays generations that are most involved with the internet play … Continue reading

Wall Streets Newest Lie

I have a cousin, well I call him my cousin because our parents have known each other for so long and we have grown up together in an odd sort of way, and he is really really smart. Not smart in a street sense either, although I wouldn’t say he’s lacking in that department. I’m … Continue reading

Female leadership and company profitability

“Firms led by women are 10–20 per cent more profitable than businesses led by men”, the authors of the EVA Analysis Female Leadership and Firm Profitability claim. How is that possible? On the one hand, female leaders might be a more exclusive and thus on average better group as it takes more for them to … Continue reading