Starting with WOMEN – Ending with SKILLED WORKFORCE

We all came together to write a blog about Diversity Management. The first thing that came to our mind was Women.

Excited, I took my first steps in browsing through Mr Müllers book. There it was! Management vs. Leadership. I poured myself a glass of red wine and researched the web about how this could match Women. Managers and Leaders was my first outcome. And it took ages to cobble those few sentences together, believe me. We all did it the same way and had a difficult start. Blogging was something which none of us had done before. Some of my team members wrote about the legal aspects (Women in the supervisory boards by Katrin and Female Leadership – Do we need a women’s quota in the supervisory board?). Women’s quota soon developed to be the biggest tag in our tag cloud.

I went on with Female leadership and company profitability. Here, I found some more sources to link different aspects together and put in my first image to make my post more enjoyable for my readers. We started our first hot discussion when I posted A little more confidence, please!. I chose a very polarising view, for the first time we got excited and the blog started to become interesting!

Women 2.0 – I chose a topic of my interest, found different sources and views and put them all together in my fourth post. Plus, I spiced up my layout by using appropriate pictures and a diagramme. First feeling of success – my post got tweeted (by external persons – wow!). Amongst others by the CEO of a company I have been writing about! I finally believed in what Bruce used to tell us. Chose your audience. Talk to them. Be a connector – and things will get back to you.

But somehow writing wasn’t that easy anymore – my group and I ran out of topics. So we got together and developed a mind map to see where we were heading to. New title? New interesting views! We changed subject and title of our blog and now writing and researching started to become more fun – we broadened the topic and went from Women to All kinds of Diversities. Katrin wrote about Another dimension: Age and raised the question Did the crisis change something? Isabel took up some matters first addressed by Saiid (Mr Sarrazin=Double Negative?) and wrote about Cultural Backgrounds.

I myself faced the term Diversity Management in a broader view. Within Monocultural Management For A Multicultural Workforce? I brought up some issues for discussion and examined the role of Diversity Management in US/UK and German companies. Besides developing my research skills, I began to find a way to structure my posts in a nice way. Plus, I found a way to match late-breaking but well-researched matters with issues that affect my daily life.

Thinking of what to write next I rummaged around in our blog, in search of topics not discussed yet. In What’s Your Personal Identity Management Strategy? I talked about the discrimination of LGBT. I had much fun and shared this feeling by inserting nice videos and images.

By this time, every single member of our team had made a great step forward in his individual writing. But as the sum is greater than the parts, we recapulated our group work to see if we made improvements regarding our blog as a whole. And yes, we did. To remind everybody, I posted our achievements in Ooooops… we did it again!.

My boyfriend who had to suffer several nights in which I just couldn’t leave the laptop alone because I had to care about my posts, comments and the blog itself, send me this lovely picture.

In Young Professionals Caught in Internships – We need Immigrants! I picked up a discussion by Katrin (What You Can Do For Us) and Thomas (Germany and its ‘Lack of Young Professionals’ – Status quo). For the first time I was not happy with the two opposite positions my team members took in regard to the lack of skilled labour in Germany, so I dug deeper and researched a whole night – and found some interesting information.

And here I am. To say it in one word, writing this blog has formed me. Not just that I gained deep knowledge in a topic I never considered interesting for me. My affinities to the internet even grew as I learned to work with it. I learned how to make the internet my friend in doing research and in expressing myself. I developed a certain writing style. I did not yet find my audience – but I am on my way.

So what’s next? I think it would be too optimistic to say that this blog will last forever. In all likelihood it will get lost in the depth of the internet. But I am sure that for this one, at least another one will be set up. And if my team members think the same way, we’ll make it six.

2 Responses to “Starting with WOMEN – Ending with SKILLED WORKFORCE”
  1. Mell says:

    You ladies have done a great job and it’s a shame to see it end. Your legacy is this blog and thankfully it still educates and informs. Well done and all the best for your future ventures.

    Hopefully we can progressively continue the tradition on our sites like and

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