Goodbye World

There is not much left to add to the great summaries of my colleagues Mary, Katrin, Thomas and Martin. We have been a great team (look at that fabulous ABOUT page, Saiid created!!!), learned a lot, complemented one another and had a good time (I will especially remember the fantastic Christmas meeting!).

However, its time to draw a conclusion and I want to share with you what the past 10 weeks have been like for me. Over the course of this time me and my blogging colleagues engaged in getting a deeper insight, knowledge and point of view about the highly topical and relevant subject of Diversity Management. We chose this subject because of the increasing relevance and ongoing debates in today’s business world, politics as well as the importance for our future. Reviewing all our posts the message becomes clear that a diversified workforce regarding age, background and gender is something that especially Germany cannot ignore anymore and has to support in terms of knowledge transfer, qualified labor and legal requirements in order to secure our global competitiveness in the future.

Personally speaking, this time was very valuable as I learned a lot about the political situation centering about a women’s quota, differences in leadership styles between men and women, work-life balance and many interesting facts which I had never considered being an issue for diversity management, such as micro-financing, to name just one. However, the most valuable thing I learned was to consider the web as a huge platform for opinion leaders where you have to be open-minded though critical, to participate actively in the ongoing discussions, though not riding roughshod over others and to see what I can learn from other people and develop it for myself.

I covered our topic from almost all perspectives and tried out some varieties of writing styles. With my first post “Thinking 1943?” I aimed at starting with a rather sarcastic and funny view on the historical beliefs about women. In the next one “The Amazons” I framed the post with storytelling attributes which was fun. Then I continued with a topic that affects and interests me directly because of my parents – Entrepreneurship and whether women have better chances in SME’s. I started to use specified google search, google blog search and after I discovered that looking for “Diversity” or “gender” would only give you the perfect textbook results and definitions I specified my keyword search to phrases like “entrepreneurs” combined with “SME” and also looked for potential phrases in other blogs. For Women and Strategic Risk I got my inspiration from Hans-Erich-Müllers book “Strategische Unternehmensführung” and some newspaper articles about reasons of the crisis. Then “Burn Out”, the first post where you can see “Structure follows Strategy”. With our shifting focus from gender to all kinds of diversity after a session of mind mapping I posted about Cultural Diversity as this was something that preoccupied me during my internship in Hong Kong. The inducing video is just meant to be a hookup. I picked up a topic from Saiid for “The Next CEO” and discovered a major progress in research strategy, writing and referencing for this one. Finally my last post “Who are you?” stands out of the crowd as its writing style is more reflective than descriptive and only giving the reader some information, something to think about and stimulation to reflect on oneself. To me, playing with these writing styles was the really interesting part of it.

Regarding my job within the group as “Picture master” I created a public photo album with Google Picasa and updated it frequently with all pictures that we used in our blog posts and indicated the sources or linked them to their original website. This was a handy way to stay up to date on all the images and sources we used.

I guess this is not forever, but since we started the blog with a Hello World post I wanted to finish today with saying Goodbye, although I am sure, I will continue blogging at one point or another in the future. Thank you all for your contributions, commitment and helpful as well as motivating comments.

I wish you good luck for the next weeks.




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