The End!

Last Week Katrin and I wrote a guide through our blog topic Diversity Management.  Thereby, we discovered how wide-spread our writing has been. We experienced the value of teamwork and how a coordinated action makes it possible to comprehensively address such a complex topic. There is nothing much I can add to this written guide which will help anyone who wants to get an overview of our blogging through the last semester.

I would much rather shortly summarize challenges and lessons of this first blogging experience:


Topic and Research

In the beginning we easily adopted the topic for our blogging. We started off researching about it and wrote our first contributions using our blog. I personally did not struggle finding suitable ideas to post but still ended up in exhaustive research and preparation of the post. It required much effort. Fortunately, through the ongoing process of posting, commenting and researching ideas became clearer and contents of the next post easier to write.

Writing Style

Personally, I was always interested in different writing styles and had already found my own style which is more structured and systematic. However, there is always room for improvement and so I started to focus on preciseness and validity of my sentences and tried to also work on “overall attractiveness” of the post.


Blogging was an absolutely new experience and I had to get used to this form of information sharing. I enjoyed working with Google Blog and Google Scholar searching machines, finding suitable pictures or videos to visualize ideas and learning how to use HTML.

Team Work

It was amazing to see how we developed as a group an expertise on the topic. We started off writing individually but soon began to link our posts to each other, gave comments on other posts and at the latest by starting to use mind maps we coordinated our blog very well.


My personal favorite was the combined process of researching, reading and writing about a topic of interest. In the beginning I intended to give clear answers to a problem but in the process of the project I discovered the beauty of converse opinions and discussions. I made it one of my top priorities to raise interest of the reader to find out more and learn self-independently.

In the End, I want to thank all “bloggers” in this team for the valuable contributions and comments, the open minded team meetings in class or private as well as particularly the president and the head of IT for doing all the organizational and technical work!

2 Responses to “The End!”
  1. katjo2010 says:

    Thank you very much for sharing your learnings and challenges with us so openly.
    I can only agree: It was a very interesting semester and a great experience to work on a chosen topic together in our team.
    So a big Thanks to all of my fellow bloggers for making it work so well, having interesting discussions and team meetings 😉

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