A Thousand Ways To Say Hello…One Way To Say Goodbye

We’ve come a long way. At least that’s the way it seems. In reality we may not have come very far at all. Perception is such a funny thing. Where are you standing when you see it all happen?

I’d like to take these last moments to recognize the great work my partners in crime have done over the course of this semester.

Maria-Head of IT

Isabel-Head Picture Editor

Katrin-Vice President


Thomas-Vice Picture Editor

The “About” section of our blog, written by yours truly, paints a good picture of where we started, where we ended, where we were in between and all the thoughts and decisions that we were faced with during the course of this undertaking.

To summarize, we began our journey with the spotlight on Gender Diversity Management, specifically the role of women in the workplace or workforce. We were driven by the idea of the “glass ceiling”. Our initial posts reflect our focus on this topic with posts such as: Does The Future Belong To Women, Less Risk With Women, Women In The Supervisory Boards, Female Leadership-Do We Need A Women’s Quota In The Supervisory Board?, The Amazons, and Female Leadership and Company Profitability.

As the progression of our posts shows, we slowly felt trapped by our own topic. We were force-feeding the Gender Diversity down our own throats and the writing was becoming arduous. We mind-mapped our way out of that one pretty quickly. With our sights now set on a much broader view of all diversities we were set to tackle issues that we had previously filtered out of our scope.

Posts such as: Monocultural Management for a Multicultural Workforce, Burn Out, Another Dimension: Age, Diversity Management and Stakeholder Value clearly show our shift towards the broad ideas of diversity.

After a second Mind-Mapping exercise, we finally arrived at our final resting place: Strategic Management. Funny how sometimes the thing you are looking for is right in front of you. In German there is a saying (most likely horribly translated) “Can’t see the forest through all the trees”. We had been studying Strategic Management with Professor Hans-Erich Mueller for an entire semester yet somehow we had managed to subconsciously repress the true identity of our writings.

Now that we had found our true writing voice, posts were being written with more vigor, passion and attention to detail. Posts such as: Just A Nice Little Something, The Next CEO, Change Management – New Ways, Did The Crisis Change Something, International Diversity Management, and New Leaders Old Tricks all seemed to be “from the heart” if I may use a cheesy line.

We were finally writing freely and had done so by going through the hardship that is: Finding your voice.

I can say for myself, that I have learned an incredible amount about:

1-How to write in the Web-based world of today

2-The keys to making your voice be heard in todays fast paced, quick information media.

3-The advantages of working together in a team without “Yes-men” and having ideas collide.

4-Finding the people that are talking about and interested in the same things you are.

and finally:

5-How to work through uncertainty, whilst holding afloat the belief that in the end it will all make sense.

I want to thank all of my team members, Prof. Spear, Prof. Mueller, all the readers and non-readers of the blogosphere for their contributions whether directly or indirectly.

This project helped give me a far better understanding of the “digital way” of today and I firmly believe that this exercise will end up being a major positive in my path going forward.

Thank you and Goodnight!


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