PayPal, Youtube, Facebook & Meebo All Together

In the previous post I mentioned that I had run across a great Youtube Channel run by the Stanford Business School.

There are a ton of videos on their site and with many of them breaking the one-hour threshold i was unable to watch all of them much less all of ONE. There is however one video I didn’t fast forward through. And that video would be THIS ONE:

Honestly, the tile of the video ” Founders Discuss Success Factors” isn’t the worst title and it did get me to click on it. However, that wasn’t reason I also stayed and watched all 63 minutes.

The reason I stayed: STAR POWER. Show me a product endorsed by the biggest celebrity (or in theory “Successful Person”) and I’ll show you a product well on it’s way to being successful. I stayed because I felt I was getting an inside look at the way Top Executives at Facebook, Ebay, PayPal and Youtube were thinking. And if we look at this in a broader sense, the only POWER HOUSE missing from that list is the almighty Google.

So here are the participants:

Moderator: Heidi Roizen

Jeff Jordan-Ebay & PayPal and others.

Chad Hurley– CEO of Youtube and worked on Paypal among other things.

Elaine Wherry– Meebo

Mark Zuckerberg-Facebook

The discussion in in of itself is very loose, comfortable and thoughts are just passed along. Most of the discussion taps into the computer sciences and the way these sites were created. There is a lot of tech-jargon, but the interesting thoughts for me are:

1- The panels thoughts in general.

2-The market positioning and the strategic positioning that are factors in the Internet Landscape

3-The monetization of the Internet beyond Ads.

The amount of information given by the panelists to each of these points is immense and would make this Blogpost unreadable. I do however urge anyone reading this to take the 60 minutes and listen to these peoples thoughts oon the future of web-based technology. They really speak from experience and seem to have a grasp on the trends and flow of the technology community.


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