Does diversity matter??

Yesterday, I started to think about my new post and I didn’t really have a clue what to write. After a while I ended up searching online for interesting topics which we haven’t really picked up in our blog. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that well….it even didn’t help me to have a look what we have done so far

Finally, I ended up reading an article highlighting that the recruitment recession in the financial sector is finally over – banks are hiring again. And there it was…my idea. I started to ask myself: Who really cares about diversity management when looking for a job? Does it make a difference for young professionals if companies have a good diversity management? Isabel or Saiid were talking about the next CEO or Thomas about young professionals. The last post by Katrin and Thomas even picked up what firms do in relation to diversity management. So let’s find out what young professionals are looking for.


1. Which companies have the best diversity management?

First of all I tried to figure out which companies have the best diversity management. Most big firms are advertising that they care about diversity. On nearly all career pages you can find the topic. Just check out Goldman Sachs, McKinsey or Johnson & Johnson. Companies such as IBM or Boeing even created diversity awards to honour project and employees within their company.

However, in the end I found this really interesting ranking by DiversityInc showing the top 50 companies in the section of diversity management. The winner was Sodexo slightly before Johnson & Johnson. But other companies such as Ernst & Young, PWC, KPMG, Coca-Cola or Proctor & Gamble were also within the best 20.

2. Which are the most popular employers?

After knowing which are the best firms in the section diversity management let’s have now a quick look to the most popular employers in 2010.

The first ranking that I have found was the Fortune list of the 100 Top MBA Employers. Of the top 20 companies of the diversity ranking, just Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble were in top positions. Interestingly, there were differences between the choice of women and men. Women ranks the mention companies first whereas these companies came far later in the men’s ranking.

Let’s now have a look to Germany where I have found several rankings for the most popular employer. In a ranking of the trendence Institut of 2007 companies such as PWC, Coca-Cola, Ernst & Young and KMPG were in the top position. In the same ranking from 2010 these companies were all ranked far lower. Another ranking by the Universum Group shows similar results.

3. Does diversity matter?

Actually, based on the results of the rankings it seems to be that it doesn’t really matter to young professionals whether companies have a good diversity management. Sure, this is not qualitative judgment of the firm’s efforts in the area of diversity but this doesn’t really matter for most people. I guess that other reasons for choosing the suitable employer seems to be more important. However, as I once showed in an earlier post, for women it seems to be more an issue. So how about you: Do you consider a good diversity management as important for your job decision??

2 Responses to “Does diversity matter??”
  1. Izzy says:

    Very good thinking, how you link the different ratings together and create a new idea. Are you sure though, that the rating by DiversityInc. includes German Companies as well? I have the impression they’re all American and the other two ratings hold mainly German companies.
    Ok, I have to admit that up to now Diversity Management has never been a criteria for me, but I think it is an important fact, since it also highlights an open-mindedness of a company. How about you? Did the companies where you conducted your internships focus on diversity? I think in the future it will become increasingly relevant for every global company. Like CSR, Diversity Management has become a buzz word for responsible, social and sustainable business already. Therefore, we should pay attention to whether companies only have a separate section on their website with a nice and shiny headline about how social they are or whether they actually hire people with diverse backgrounds and skills.

  2. Mary says:

    Nice idea, Martin! I also have to admit that before starting to write this blog I never considered Diversity Management as cruical for choosing my employer. I have always been working for German companies, so except being a women I didn’t have to care either. But being forced to deal with this topic has totally changed my mind. We detected many best practice examples as well as serious drawbacks. I can say that in future, these issues will definitely play a big role for me.

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