This is how it all comes back together

Our blog deals with Diversity Management which is defined by Cox (1993) “as creating a climate in which the potential advantages of diversity for organizational or group performance are maximized while the potential disadvantages are minimized”. Diversity itself is defined by him as “a mix of people of different socially relevant group identities working or living together in a defined social system”. In the context of the working environment in Germany those groups would be the ones falling under the equal opportunity treatment act (AGG). It forbids discrimination because of:

  • ethical origin (race)
  • gender
  • religion (ideology)
  • disability
  • age
  • sexual identity

We, i.e. the Diversity Management Blog Team, have been writing about several of those groups, mainly women as part of the gender aspect, older employees and young professionals referring to the age dimension, immigrants as a discussion point regarding ethical origin and LGBT employees in consideration of sexual identity. In our mind maps we assigned our posts to categories so we knew where we stood and what step would be next. Now, towards the end of the semester, we (Katrin and Thomas) want to bring those different aspects back together in an integrative approach by writing a collaborative post that looks at the possible areas of improvement or action considering the lack of particularly young professionals.

As already discussed in one of my recent posts, there is divergence about whether we already have a lack of young professionals or not, i.e. whether it is a problem now or in the future. Under the assumption that we already have a shortage of highly qualified young workers, Thomas introduced a study by the Prognos AG in his recent post. They showed five areas of action to face the lack of young professionals.

For the purposes of this post we want to focus on three key aspects: Education, Labor Participation and Working Hours. Thereby, we do not want to simply copy the aspects stated by Prognos AG but rather reconsider what we have found out during the last 10 Weeks of blogging about Diversity Management in terms of these three key aspects.


One way to reduce the lack of professionals in Germany is to open the academic standards for immigrants, particularly with a diploma or master’s degree. This could support the establishment of a new qualified workforce. We have considered the Immigration Debate in Germany within this blog (see posts by Thomas and Saiid). We found out that “targeted immigration” is one possibility to reduce the issue of shrinking population in Germany.  Furthermore, there has been an analysis of the high educational qualifications of women (see posts by Katrin and Thomas). This is also often supported by diverse scholar ships, e.g. PhD scholar ships. But we should not forget the boys (by Martin).

Labor participation

In this field you can take a political and a company’s perspective. In political terms we have discussed the benefits of a Women’s Quota in depth (see these posts by Katrin and Thomas). We have shown that although there is an increasing labor participation of women there are also several Career Obstacles (see post by Katrin, Thomas and Maria). Consequently, there are diverse opportunities to increase labor participation. In terms of a company’s perspective we considered Diversity Management as a crucial role to manage a multicultural labor force (see Maria’s post).

We also want to place emphasis here on the illusion and expectation of companies that there are only “perfect young professionals out there” (see Katrin’s post). We find it difficult to expect this on the one hand but have no sound in house qualification on the other hand. We recommend a change of thinking in this area such as to leave room for Unconventional Thinker (see Thomas’ post).

Working Hours

Another action field according to Prognos AG is Working Hours. In this area we have given critical insight on Work-Life-Balance (see posts by Isabel and Saiid). We also considered a more flexible German labor market.  We want to stress the paradox given by our lecturer Mr. Müller: Control vs. Self-Organization. He discussed new ways of giving employees more self-responsibility and thereby creating an entrepreneurial spirit with us.

In our first collaborative post we tried to give you a guide through our topic Diversity Management that kept us very busy over the last semester 😉 We integrated our recent common topic of “Lack of Professionals” by combining our potential action fields suggested by the Prognos AG with the research done by everyone in this blog. This hopefully makes the topic easily researchable and shows our comprehensive approach to Diversity Management.

5 Responses to “This is how it all comes back together”
  1. martinjaja says:

    Dear Katrin & Thomas. I just finished reading your post and I really enjoyed it. The writing is style as well as the design of the post are great! In the end, I cannot really add much to your post…which is rather difficult for me as you all know me 😉

  2. Izzy says:

    That’s a really cool summary of your/our activities over the last weeks. I think you would agree if I say that we have truly developed, both a deeper insight into the topic, as well as our personal writing styles. I mean, look at you…this is great work!

  3. thob84 says:

    Wow – I am overwhelmed. Thank you very much indeed for your kind responses. I am glad that we were able to bring it all back together. I am sure that whoever is interested in our blogging over the last semester will be able to find a suitable guide using this post.

    I am very happy that we developed as a team such a variety of well researched topics within our field Diversity Management.

  4. Mary says:

    Yes, thank you very much for that summary. Besides getting an overview about important current issues we all got very interested and put in much effort, right? And also true, we all developed during the writing of this post. We learned totally new approaches to research and put our thoughts together in a new way. We inspired each other. And besides all this knowledge we gained, we worked perfectly together as a team, despite – or even because of our diverse pesonalities. Just think about our Christmas Party! 😀 Hey, we even developed a game we could have been playing the whole night if we didn’t have to catch the last train! 😀

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