“This is how we do it!” – a tribute to oustanding student

Last week we have had a great mind mapping exercise with some really good follow-up posts by Bruce Spear, Thomas and Maria. This technique helped us not only to structure and evaluate our work. It also helped us to refine our targets.

During this semester we have heard many things about Strategic Management – in class with Prof. Dr. Mueller and Mr. Spear or even by self-study – and from what I learned so far I have to say: This group is a perfect example for strategic management!

The famous German economist and founder modern business theory in Germany Erich Gutenberg once cited in his book “Unternehmensführung” (http://tinyurl.com/Gutenberg-Unternehmensfuehrung) three instruments for management: Planning, Organization and Control.

Let’s have a quick flashback about what the group did:

1. Planning: We started planning the group work in early October and set the topic on diversity management with a focus on women. The goal was to issue urgent aspects around the topic.

2. Organization: We organized our group work by setting up a schedule for posting, allocated the responsibilities and finally started to work.

3. Control: After nearly two month work we evaluated our work by doing a mind map. This helped us to compare our target with the actual performance.

From my perspective, the most interesting aspect was to re-define of our target. It was exactly like Mintzberg once articulated in his model “Strategy as Process”. We decided on a strategy and over time with getting more and more knowledge about the area we started to change our targets. Mintzberg called that “strategic learning ”Rise and fall of strategic planning” (http://tinyurl.com/Mintzberg-Strategy).

We also benefited from composition of our group with many women and the diverse background we have received. We are a good example for a successful women quota which was describe earlier in several posts in our groups.

However, I am looking forward to the results of our group in the future and what phases and theories we will go through or how do you feel about it?

2 Responses to ““This is how we do it!” – a tribute to oustanding student”
  1. katjo2010 says:

    Very nice connection between theory and practice and great analysis of our team (work)! Thank you for that!
    I am also looking forward to how our group will develop and how our work will be compared to the one in the beginning. This is very exiting 🙂

  2. diiasg says:

    Very nicely put. I think this is the best description of the general theme anyone has done.

    its also very easy to follow with the great visuals you incorporated.

    Way to go!

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