Female Immigrants taking Mr. Sarrazin’s Spot!

I am very grateful to Saiid that he brought up the discussion about our ‘immigration problem’ in Germany, see his post. Being fully aware that this is somewhat out of our topic I find it nonetheless worth considering in more detail. It fits in our blog because it also raises the question about equal opportunities and considers a problem that is currently of high public interest in Germany.

That is why I would like to draw a new picture: What would be different if Mr. Sarazzin would be replaced by a female immigrant? You know, one of these “little headscarf-girls”.

First of all, we would have a well integrated immigrant working for the Deutsche Bundesbank, at least in monetary terms as Mr. Brüderle suggests in the Economist (see Saiid’s article). Secondly, we would be able to fulfil the legal women’s quota a little bit more. A complete Win Win situation isn’t it?

Wrong, according to the “Sarrazin’s” living and working in Germany or as you also could call them: The Elite. It is very surprising for me that a man in this position takes that much of an interest into the issues we have with particularly Turkish immigrants – a minority – in Germany. I never thought that a man in this position would ever come into any contact with ‘these people’. I assumed that driving in a limousine might not be the same as taking the ‘Ringbahn’ in Berlin and literatuarlly driving through our hot spots in Berlin such as Neuköln 5 times a week.

So how can a man like Sarrazin judge people he does not even know!? Well, he could use some comfortable statistics, takes out the things of interest and thereby heats up the latent crisis of suspicion against our new neighbours from the Middle East. Interestingly, people who confirm this point of view right away are living in areas like Saxonia, a country with a percentage of foreigners that is roughly at 3% Medien Sachsen.

Therefore, a obvious solution of this problem would be a confrontation of people like Mr. Sarrazin with these ‘little headscarf girls’ he is denouncing.

This could only happen if we allow immigrants to really immigrate into every area in our society, also becoming an ‘Elite’. I am sure Mr. Sarrazin would be able to give a little more respect to a colleague.

By the way, do you think Mr. Sarrazin would support a Women’s Quota? They might have a gene that hinders them to develop leading competencies.

5 Responses to “Female Immigrants taking Mr. Sarrazin’s Spot!”
  1. katjo2010 says:

    Thomas, this is a very interesting and well written post!
    I find it very striking that mostly people from federal states such as Saxonia confirm Sarazin’s theses, as those states generally tend to be right-winged. According to an article in Focus Online, Sarazin’s statements align to the views of the NPD, which might explain the acceptance of his theses in those ring-winged federal states.
    Regarding your question in the end, if we think Sarazin would support a women’s quota, I would think that he definitly has an opinion. Based on his extreme views concerning immigrants, I cannot imagine him not having one. But I cannot estimate in which direction this extreme might go. However, with the attention he currently has, he could possibly make a helpful contribution if he were for a women’s quota. Since he didn’t say anaything so far, I guess he is against it and simply doesn’t want anymore bad press….

  2. diiasg says:

    Very Good Thomas. Im glad you were able to take my post in a new direction and put a new spin on it.

    I enjoyed it very much.

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