What are the causes?

Today I was thinking about the causes of the lack of women in leading positions. I mean, the reasons have been asked for in surveys and are therefore widely known. But what are the underlying causes for those reasons?

Reasons include e.g. the socially coined gender role models and the compatibility of family and profession, as I have already mentioned in an earlier post. Other reasons are, regarding to an article in mensvita and a blog post by wilhelmadt, both citing the same study by the IZA, the ability of men to overestimate their performance and the better self-presentation skills of men.

But the underlying causes of those reasons have not been explored or rather identified. According to the BMFSFJ, the causes are supposed be found in the corporate culture of companies, that might be too rigid. Therefore, the BMFSFJ has started an initiative on 9th November this year to evaluate those causes in cooperation with nine big companies, Allianz Deutschland AG, Bayer AG, Daimler AG, Deutsche Bahn AG, EADS, Bosch Gruppe, BASF SE, Infineon Technologies AG and Microsoft. The first results are expected to arrive in early 2012.

I think, this is a very exiting an interesting project as the underlying causes of the reasons for a lack of women in leading positions are the basis for change. When the real problems are known, improvement can begin. In my opinion, it is crucial to research those problems, as a women’s quota alone will not be enough to guarantee sustainable success. What do you think?

2 Responses to “What are the causes?”
  1. thob84 says:

    I think that research is always the first and neccessary step to implement any polictical legislation. How do you want to intrudoce a new policy tackling a problem you are not even fully aware of?

    From personal experience I know that in the field of Entrepreneurship research on female entrepreneurs is highly underrepresented. This is often due to false assumptions, e.g. Women do not differ from Man in setting up a business.

    So ,yes, resarch is important and crucial to success.

  2. diiasg says:

    great point thomas. Far too often subjects such as this are generalized for lack of research. Whether we are too lazy to find out or we are afraid f what we may find out or we honestly just dont know where to start IN ORDER to find out.

    Im a firm believer that with more research and understanding we would be in a far better position to tackle the issue.

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