Feel free to say the F…-word!

A couple of days ago I was sitting in my kitchen talking about the recent feminism debate between “Germany’s Top Feminist” Alice Schwarzer and Kristina Schröder of the Ministry for Family, seniors, women and youth (BMFSFJ). The most interesting thing was dropped by a friend of my flatmate. In the end of our discussion she said: “You can call me nearly everything but not a feminist!”

By saying that, I started to think about: Why is it a bad thing to be a feminist these days?

Feminism itself is not a recent development. With regard to many historians there are three different waves of feminism: 1401 to 1500, 1960 and 1980. Each period had their own distinctiveness but in the end they were all fighting for gender equality and equal opportunities.

So is it a bad thing to fight for equality? I guess not. So why is it still uncool to call yourself a feminist? Is it the image associated to the word? I found a great post by DJ Nelson who writes about the “Top 10 Feminist Stereotypes”. The author begins with the statement: “Feminists hate men” and ends with “All people who label themselves as feminist believe in the exact same things”.

I also found a much simpler answer in a comment by Sabrina to the blog post “Should male feminists mention their gender?” She concludes that the “one big problem with the image of feminism is that it’s still seen as a women vs. men thing.”

There seem to be many reasons why many women try to avoid the word feminist. However, just think whatever you like to think and feel free to articulate yourself even if it sometimes may be uncool. Thereby, I again want to highlight what Mary said last week: “A little more confidence, please!

By the way, during my research I found a really cool post by Aliiice where she states “5 reasons why feminism is bad”. Check it out, what do you think about it?

3 Responses to “Feel free to say the F…-word!”
  1. thob84 says:

    Good reasoning! I also think that feminism in a form of trying to establish equal opportunities needs to have a better standing. However, you need to go back how the feminist movement started and particularly who started it. If you think about their perceptions of an unavoidable conflict between man and women and in this connection the natural repression of the women you should critically question it. I might tackle this issue in my next post.

  2. Aliiice says:

    I just realised I had been linked, so I came into see the source, and I absolutely agree with you. The idea of feminism is still seen as being a ‘you against me’, which instantly has people on the defensive about the issues that are contained within being feminist.
    Thanks for linking me, and also for making such a great point.

  3. diiasg says:

    Good argument. Id like to jump on the thought that Aliiice presented in the comment before mine.
    I think it is the nature and the underlying importance of the argument that makes it so difficult. each side feels the need to win this battle or else the tide would turn completey. It goes back to my thought that in the end harmony will be realized when all parties realize how much more effective cooperation is than conflict.

    In the end it may just be the animalistic instincts that human beings have..we may be programmed to protect our own till the death..who knows..

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