A little more confidence, please!

Browsing Spiegel Online this morning, I was amazed!
“I am sharply opposing a women’s quota” says Katrin Poleschner in her speech against Horst Seehofer (CSU chairman). 26 years old, vice president of Junge Union, the youth organization of CDU and CSU, and not a bit afraid to show the ‘veteran team’ how the wind blows. “A women’s quota will degrade good and engaged women!” The crowd cheers and applauds.

Isn’t that exactly the type of women we need – knowing her competences and being self-confident enough to use them?


“You have to stand up and you have to campaign!” How right she is! There might be so many young, talented women out there but they have to show what they got! A bitter thought came to my mind – what if women use those buzz words like ‘Diversity Management’ or ‘Gender inequalities’ as an excuse? An excuse that will provide them with a little bit compassion if they don’t get what they want at first try. At the same time an excuse which will hinder them to work that tiny little bit harder to make sure they will achieve their goals.


In German politics there are some great women who stand up for what they believe– without any quota. Besides Ms Merkel or Ms Kristina Schröder, take Ms von der Leyen – loving wife, mother of 7 (!) children, daughter taking care of her father suffering from dementia. After her ‘breakthrough’ as the Federal Minister of Family Affairs, she is now Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs.



Wow, what we often refer to as two opposed things, WOMEN and POWER, can surprisingly go hand in hand! Ladies, maybe you should think about what YOU can do to promote yourself a little more often before starting to search for external factors.

7 Responses to “A little more confidence, please!”
  1. katjo2010 says:

    Very well written and interesting post.
    I totally agree! Women should think about what they can do themselves and then they should actually do it.
    They cannot expect that their employers, supervisor or politics do it for them by implementing a women’s quota. Respect, Ms. Poleschner, for standing up and showing confidence!

  2. Izzy says:

    Funny that you mention Kristina Schröder, since just today “Spiegel Online” published an interview with her where she clearly emphasized her anti-feminist attitude and moreover, lack of knowledge in the area she’s talking about. A giant debacle for a Minister of Women and Family Affairs that brought her fierce attacks from members of the opposition and many public voices, amongst others Alice Schwarzer, after criticizing her theses about feminism in the early 70’s. Clearly an anti-success-story. Sometimes it might need more than just confidence.

  3. Mary says:

    Thanks for your comment, Izzy! You are right in mentioning the debate around Ms Schröder. But in my eyes critics should focus more on the fact that she is not really able to drive progress in her function. It might be very hard for her to step in Ms von der Leyen’s footsteps and to find her own core areas, but that is not tolerable for a Minister. Also, I think some of her future plans are not justifiable at all. Instead of e.g. solely promoting boys in school, we should put effort on promoting the job ‘teacher’. (See this comment)

    So why did I mention her then? Somehow Ms Schröder made it to Minister of Women and Family Affairs, without any quota (which she is opposing with good cause). She is the youngest member of Ms Merkel’s cabinet and has made all this by being confident and believing in herself, of all things in a party that is not known as a very women-friendly party. Regarding her anti-feminist statements, which can be discussed on a broad area, I agree with her opposing ‘traditional’ feminism and the thesis that gender inequalities are caused by biological roles only. And this brings me back to my statement that more women should find the confidence stand up, believe in themselves and JUST DO what they aim for.

  4. martinjaja says:

    Great post and also really interesting comments. I totally agree with Mary’s opinion. I think women should stand up more aggressively for their rights and their own goals. Just do whatever you like to do and moreover, articulate what you want.

    However, a women quota may not be a bad idea. Maybe just in order to reduce the effects of the class sealing or payment differences. Nevertheless, for me the only interesting thing about the quota is that most women I meet are normally saying they do not need any quota because they can achieve their goals on their own….

  5. diiasg says:

    Very nice post. It speaks to the power of self. In an odd way it could be that women are empowered by the idea of things being more difficult for them. It obviously not politically correct but im sure some women use this as motivation and I say “why not!!”

    But in general I agree with Katrin, women as well as men can not expect things to get done for them. Take the initiative. I am of the belief that if enough people are behind a cause, anything is possible. Im sure many of us can come up with one or two examples of this in history…in both extremes.

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