The Amazons

Have you ever heard about the Amazons in Greek mythology? The beautiful, man-eating warriors from the northern steppe empire who flame-cut their right breast in order to improve shooting with bow and arrow? The ones who ride like Satan, only raise girls, kill their sons and use men for the sole purpose of reproduction?

Or you might have watched “The Devil wears Prada” centering around Miranda Priestly, the outstanding powerful editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, her quite high or even unrealistic expectations from employees, her icy demeanor and the cruelty with which she treats her staff.

I lately had a a chat with a friend about the shifting gender roles and we both agreed that in many cases women nowadays are not that different from men anymore. When I read Katrins post yesterday I thought about another song that I listened to recently which addresses the current gender issue with a benignly smile to it. The German band “Die Prinzen” sings that women are the new men. By now they inherit all the attributes that initially belonged to men: power, money, fast cars, traveling to the outer  space, writing history, fighting for promotion and putting everything past them.

This brings me back to my first two anecdotes. I started thinking about women and their illusions of power.  Do they actually strive for might or do we just confuse that with general acceptance and is the resulting strategy defined by transforming into men? Johanna Zugmann is convinced that power is not the single motivation. She interviewed many successful career women and found out that might alone did not make these women happy and satisfied, as the key to fulfillment was space for individual scope of action. Christine Bauer-Jelinek argues that this is due to the different areas where the two genders developed their leadership strategies over thousands of years: men in business and politics, women in family.

Since nowadays it takes some of both to be successful (strategic action in conflicting situations, a peaceful way of performing might but also a controlled battle), both genders have to get to know the rules and techniques of the other. Therefore I think, yes, leadership women will inevitably adapt more male traits to be able to survive in the business world, but nevertheless certain female attributes such as discipline, diligence , persistence and humanity are becoming the competitive advantage.

6 Responses to “The Amazons”
  1. diiasg says:

    I like the idea that power and might are not the biggest striving factors, but rather “the space for individual scope of action”. I feel like this leans towards the idea that, at least in my eyes, it’s less about gender but more about general human needs under the umbrella of “humans evolving”. Good Job.

  2. well, in Homer`s two remaining works we see the hero we are most likely to identify ourselves with, Ulysses, has developed the advantages widely subscribed to men as well as to women! And yes, in his Odyssey, he`s asking for the right way home, and he`s asking the right women (bound to him by love as well as by treaty) as well as a transsexual.
    And by this he`s getting the right information.
    For he`s been developping the right way to ask for this information.
    At the right time (greek: kairòs).

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