More Courage on implementing a Women’s Quota (please)!

The discussion on this blog so far has been around the implementation of a women’s quota, the need for change in the top management levels and also about career obstacles and hindrances that women face in today’s world.

This post focuses on the positive potential a change in leading positions could bring. As an Introduction I put on the video titled ‘Women rank high in Rwandas government’ from the webpage


Without making any political statements the government in Rwanda is apparently pursuing a new policy and thereby sets an example in terms of (positive) change. A change we might need in the German economy as well.

In Germany we have currently only 2.5% female board directors (Result of a report from the DIW in Berlin, stated on: Spiegel.
What potential do we miss out by not increasing this number to the required women’s quota in the supervisory board of 40%? Do we miss qualified women who could do the job, often even better than their male counterparts?

In order to answer these questions properly we might want to look at companies where this change has already happened. Therefore, I suggest the factsheet of the institution ‘gruenderinnenagentur’ which can be downloaded on: Factsheet. The authors demonstrate among other things that women in leadership positions are more responsible-minded. They tend to withdraw easier from positions of power which makes an effective process of succession within a company easier.  The article also states several examples of good practice: Rodenstocks, Underberg or Öger Tours.

To conclude, policy making of a government in every part of the world can initiate a (positive) change in the economy. It takes courage to implement a women’s quota even in difficult times. Nevertheless, there is a need for a clear presentation of what this change could bring. Therefore, positive examples should function as a benchmark for those who are still in doubt of the positive effects of a women’s quota in the supervisory boards.

One Response to “More Courage on implementing a Women’s Quota (please)!”
  1. diiasg says:

    Strong writing. I believe we will see a change soon. I recently did a market research projekt at our school and realized something I had thought before and that is that there are far more females studying than males and eventually the gender argument will no longer hold up when the most qualified workers are females.

    So no sleeping on your laurels gentlemen.

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