Does The Future Belong To Women?

To follow up on theme of this blog, and the general question of whether or not women should be given the opportunity to gain access to these “hollowed halls” of the top management floors, I have found an interesting article that gives women a “ray of hope” on this matter.

The article “Wie sieht die Welt in 40 Jahren aus?” (Translated: What will the world look like in 40 years?) on the German site, delves into Alvin Toffler’s ideas and uses the 40th Anniversary of Toffler’s best-selling book “Future Shock” to shed some light on the world today and takes a look at the future of the world and it’s current and future issues.

A bit of background information on Alvin Toffler. He is an American writer and futurist. The article reports that in his book “Future Shock” (written in 1970), Toffler predicted that: 1) Technology and the Sciences will grow so exponentially that many people will no longer be able to analyze the massive amounts of Information and will therefore isolate themselves from the “real society”, 2) Information will be passed around the globe within seconds, 3) Natural disasters will increase in both rate as well as impact and size, 4) homosexual partners will marry and start families. In hindsight it is very shocking to see how well he saw the future in the 1970’s.

The article focuses on 4 major categories, although many more could be touched on. The article reports that Toffler and his associates believe that in the future people will be less attached to their offices, women will come to power, Muslim emigration into the western world will increase and China will team with Brazil and India to ensure and re-affirm its position among the world’s leading powers.

This article and the specific numbers and details are pretty fascinating and I recommend everyone to read it, however I will focus briefly on his idea that women hold the key to the future world. The theory that really caught my eye and attention in regard to this matter was the reason Deborah Westphal, managing partner of Toffler Assosciates, said on the subject: “Die Länder werden einsehen, dass man nicht erfolgreich sein kann, wenn nur 50 Prozent der Bevölkerung an einer Entscheidungsfindung teilnehmen” (Translated: The countries will have to accept that one can’t be successful, when only 50% of society takes part in the decision making process.)

This quote really struck me as a logical and yet so simple point of view. In my mind, it seems only logical that creative forces be meshed together regardless of sex and through that a satisfying result can be reached. Yet, the question remains whether or not the transition to more female input will be achieved and if yes how long it will take. At the same time one can ponder what type of aftereffects the change will bring with it. Will there one day be a male equivalent to the feminist movement? What will the drawbacks or weakness of female leaders?

Here is the Link to the Article: What will the world look like in 40 years?


3 Responses to “Does The Future Belong To Women?”
  1. thob84 says:

    Good quotation, interesting article. The statement of Deborah Westphal is simple and just true. In comparison, if you look at governments you will find out that only if they are able to represent every group (men, women, immigrants,…) and even more importantly make them participate they will be succesful and truly authorized to peacefully run the country.

  2. Izzy says:

    This is such a great article and very good post. It is always impressive how some people are able to foresee the future in such detail. In this context I always have to think of Aldous Huxley and his book “Brave New World” which I read in school and loved very much.

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