Goodbye World

There is not much left to add to the great summaries of my colleagues Mary, Katrin, Thomas and Martin. We have been a great team (look at that fabulous ABOUT page, Saiid created!!!), learned a lot, complemented one another and had a good time (I will especially remember the fantastic Christmas meeting!). However, its time … Continue reading

Starting with WOMEN – Ending with SKILLED WORKFORCE

We all came together to write a blog about Diversity Management. The first thing that came to our mind was Women. Excited, I took my first steps in browsing through Mr Müllers book. There it was! Management vs. Leadership. I poured myself a glass of red wine and researched the web about how this could … Continue reading

A little short story

Introduction Once upon a time it all started with a lightening moment in room 129 in Berlin – a group of three women and three guys came together in order to write about diversity management. In the beginning there was a strong focus on female issue with posts about female Leadership, women quota for supervisory … Continue reading

Young Professionals Caught in Internships – We need Immigrants!

We have had several discussions about insufficent resources when it comes to employees. It turned out that due to demographic change, Germany needs more old people. (See Katrins post Why should employers think about hiring or keeping older employees?) But obviously, Germany also needs more young people – due to the shortage of skilled labour, … Continue reading

The End!

Last Week Katrin and I wrote a guide through our blog topic Diversity Management.  Thereby, we discovered how wide-spread our writing has been. We experienced the value of teamwork and how a coordinated action makes it possible to comprehensively address such a complex topic. There is nothing much I can add to this written guide … Continue reading

A Thousand Ways To Say Hello…One Way To Say Goodbye

We’ve come a long way. At least that’s the way it seems. In reality we may not have come very far at all. Perception is such a funny thing. Where are you standing when you see it all happen? I’d like to take these last moments to recognize the great work my partners in crime … Continue reading

PayPal, Youtube, Facebook & Meebo All Together

In the previous post I mentioned that I had run across a great Youtube Channel run by the Stanford Business School. There are a ton of videos on their site and with many of them breaking the one-hour threshold i was unable to watch all of them much less all of ONE. There is however … Continue reading

It is no longer a big secret that the most recent generations, mine included, have taken part in the development of the quite possibly the single greatest invention in the last 100 years: the Internet. Now, by development of the internet I simply mean that todays generations that are most involved with the internet play … Continue reading

Who are you?

Inspirational Breaks The previous class of Blogging has been as inspiring as it was motivating to me. Inspiring in a way that before returning home I sat down on a bench in front of the metro, stepped out of my life for a moment, let go from all the stress and breathed. Nothing. Smoke. I … Continue reading

Wall Streets Newest Lie

I have a cousin, well I call him my cousin because our parents have known each other for so long and we have grown up together in an odd sort of way, and he is really really smart. Not smart in a street sense either, although I wouldn’t say he’s lacking in that department. I’m … Continue reading